TikToker's crack-up explanation of the many ways Kiwis use 'aaayyee' goes viral

TikToker's crack-up explanation of the many ways Kiwis use 'aaayyee' goes viral

Aaayyee the accuracy!
3 May 2023 4:08PM

No one can disagree how versatile the word 'Aye' is, or should we say 'Aaaayeeee'! You can literally use it in any scenario and it still makes sense every time.  

Don't believe it? Tiktok sensation Lāz Gobang is back with another crack-up video and it's a compilation of all the different ways you can say 'ayeee' and the accuracy is on point but the explanation and names are hilarious.  

Here's a list of the different ways to use 'aaaayeeee' by Laz Gobang.

1. Aggressive and sharp 'aaaayyee' - This one's used mainly by parents and is one of the most commonly used 'aaaayeee'. In Laz's words: "This is commonly used by parents whoever needs address their childhood traumas and struggle to deliver the message effectively in a calm manner but they'll just tell you 'that's not how I was raised' and they're old school."

2. Reassurance 'aaayyee' - This is when you keep saying 'aaayee' until the other person is convinced with what you just said although you still have a slight doubt in the back of your mind - all you want is that damn reassurance. 

3. Expressing no 'aayee'- This is to simply say no. You know this but to type it out it's your disagreeing face all scrunched up with your front teeth moving upwards and backwards. 

4. Expressing yes 'aaayeee' - Most of the time it comes along with some nods and the stronger the nods, the stronger the YES is.     

5. I don't find this information credible, can you explain further please 'aaayyee'  - It's a short aye - the look that you give when you reply 'really?' but you're not easily going to believe what you just heard.  

Check out his video to find out other more ways to use 'aaaaayeeeee' and have a giggle along the way. 

Last month, Lāz went viral for his crack-up tutorials on how to do the mana wave when driving, which is also important educational viewing.