Hell's new 'AfterLife Pay' means your pizza is free until after you're dead, and it's legit

Hell's new 'AfterLife Pay' means your pizza is free until after you're dead, and it's legit

Sheesh... sign me up thooo

In a promotional protest against buy now pay later schemes, Hell Pizza is legit letting you have a pizza that's free... until you die. 

Called ‘AfterLife Pay’, the new offer is 100% legally binding and available to sign up for now on Hell’s website. However, they are only granting it to 666 people who sign up. Those selected will sign a real amendment to their wills, letting Hell collect the cost of payment upon them kicking the bucket. 

Future kids, as much as I’d love for all of my will to go towards your first hover car, papa needs some pizza. 

Hell CEO, Ben Cumming, says his team decided to run such the deceased debt promo after a Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) provider hit them up. 

“We’re seeing a growing number of people using the schemes to buy essential items like food,” he said. “We think it’s taking it a step too far when you’ve got quick service restaurants like ours being asked to offer BNPL for what is considered a treat - especially when you consider people are falling behind in their payments and 10.5 per cent of loans in NZ are in arrears.”

He adds that research has shown the BNPL schemes are dangerous as they are far too easy to access and encourage compulsive spending habits. 

“An investigation from Consumer NZ describes the schemes as ‘addictive’ and says being approved is easier than getting a credit card - when you add in the late fees and penalties, people can get into debt fast. We don’t think people should do this for their pizza - we would prefer they purchase HELL within their financial means.”

“AfterLife Pay is a light-hearted campaign that reinforces HELL’s stance on buy now pay later schemes - you can have your pizza and eat it too without any pesky late fees or penalties”.

They really are dead serious about this.