WATCH: 5 year old boy smashes Samoan Fire Knife dance in viral TikTok

WATCH: 5 year old boy smashes Samoan Fire Knife dance in viral TikTok

Nah this kid is built different…

A little boy has gone  viral on Tik Tok after he spun absolute fire (literally) in a Samoan Fire Knife performance. 

The boy can be seen spinning a blade to vigorous drumming at an impressive speed, with supportive chants - or should I say screams - coming from the  crowd. Did I mention the blade is on fire?

The Fire Knife dance - Siva Afi -was originally a war dance, and has now become an integral part of any Polynesian Luau or show. 

The five year old started fire dancing when he was only one year old after learning from his parents, who are professional dancers with their company - Tihati Productions. How proud must his parents be?

The video has garnered over 3.6M views with over 760k likes and 2.5k comments. 

The little legend has earned a huge amount of support from fans from around the world who were wowed by his performance. The comments say it all: 

“The way my jaw DROPPED 😭 he’s so good”

One Tik Tok user wrote. “His family must be so proud😭 absolutely incredible” said another. 

Others showed their appreciation for the culture showcased in the video:

“Seeing culture being passed on to the future generations is one of the most heart warming things”

“Poly babies are built different 💯🤍 Go baby go!”

It’s hella special to see such rich tradition and culture noticed by thousands across the globe. You go little fella!