Jack Harlow's acting chops are finally on show in new trailer for 'White Men Can't Jump' remake

Jack Harlow's acting chops are finally on show in new trailer for 'White Men Can't Jump' remake

Consensus on the movie is up in the air like the ball at tip-off.

People are having mixed reactions to the trailer for the remake of ‘White Men Can’t Jump’, the 1992 classic featuring Woody Harrelson and Wesley Snipes. 

Rapper Jack Harlow will be playing a similar role to the one Harrelson did in the original film. The movie, set to release on Hulu on May 19th, will also star Vince Staples, Sinqua Walls, and the late Lance Reddick. 

The trailer was released over the weekend by 20th Century Studios and the YouTube comments are packed with people saying a remake was not necessary, though there are some saying they are excited to see it. 

“Don’t fix what ain’t broken,” one person said. “I get it, this is for kids today, but kids today ought to just watch the original. Love that movie so much.”

“The original is one of my personal favourite movies of all time,” another shared. “I’ll check this remake out and try to give it a fair shot.”

“Looks like a comedy where you just slightly exhale out your nose a couple of times through the entire movie,” a third added. 

“You can't beat the original but this doesn't look half bad,” one more said. “High-key watching for Vince Staples, his acting career is on the up and up.”

Honestly, I absolutely love the original. I’m talking 'top five movies of all time' kinda love. It's definitely my favourite sports movie ever, though there's not a lot of competition for that spot (sort it out Hollywood). That being said, the remake looks a little better than I thought it would. 

Harlow's undeniably got charisma and has been known to hoop, so he might just kill it in this role. Gonna try to keep my expectations low for the 2023 version so if it is trash I don’t think I’ve wasted my time, but I’m lowkey expecting to be pleasantly surprised. 

Even if the movie sucks, the soundtrack should be a banger as it was created by the legendary DJ Drama. Here’s hoping it all comes together.