Coterie Band Tackle man on stage

'Run it straight g': Footage shows crack-up moment a Coterie brother tackles TikToker mid-show

“Come on stage during our set... get hit🤷🏽‍♂️ #whatatackle.”

A man attending Coterie’s performance at Byron Bay Bluesfest was tackled on stage mid-song while filming a TikTok live, and let me tell you, it looked like it freaking hurt.

In a clip posted to Instagram by Aussie comedian Nathan Lust, we see multiple angles of him filming himself with his phone on stage.

While he looks like a crazy fan who snuck on stage, it appears that Nathan was expected to be on stage and is actually mates with the Coterie boys.

What Nathan didn’t expect, was for one of the brothers to run it straight and tackle him to the ground. 

The band commented on the post: “Come on stage during our set... get hit🤷🏽‍♂️ #whatatackle.”

Oush! The most crack-up part of the whole clip was Nathan hitting the ground so hard his phone asked if he wanted to “report a problem” - yeah, we might need to report this to the All Blacks or Warriors for consideration.

The band also began calling out other sports legends.

Coterie commented on the post: “@shaun_johnson90 let us know what time trainings on…”. The band were hit back with a “shheeessh 🔥” from the NRL player.

Next on their hit list was Black Fern icon Ruby Tui. Telling her to “run it straight G”, she hit back with a cheeky: “No leg drive though 🤷🏽‍♀️😂”.

What a savage!

I mean, it does look like Coterie won’t need to keep paying for security as one fan pointed out: “Your guitar tech doubles as a security guy or the security guy doubles as the tech. Either way, that tackle is absolutely perfect.”

So the lesson we have learnt today is to never mess with the Coterie boys aaand, if their music career ever fails, they’ll be next up in the All Blacks squad - watch out Barrett brothers…