‘Our Queen’: Whānau’s soul-stirring funeral haka for their Nana goes viral again

‘Our Queen’: Whānau’s soul-stirring funeral haka for their Nana goes viral again

"I know she’s proud.”

A whānau’s haka at their nana’s funeral is going viral again for the pure emotion and mana on display. 

Originally posted to TikTok last year by @cheyennemanaki, the video shows pallbearers - all Nana’s children - bringing out the coffin as the men of the family perform a roaring haka. 

“The last haka my brothers got to do for our nana!” the caption of the TikTok reads. “What a farewell this day was! We miss you every day our queen forever and always.”

The original TikTok gained over 1 million views and almost 88k likes. It was reposted earlier this week by Māori Worldwide on Instagram, a page with 250k followers dedicated to celebrating Māori culture. 

Comments on both the Instagram page and TikTok are full of love and respect, including from people who are not familiar with the culture and haka.

“I definitely cried during this haka,” one commenter wrote. “I think all islanders share a similar passion and feel connected to each other in one way or another. I pray for peace for this family and their loved ones.”

“Imagine trying to hold it together while you do that dance,” another said. “Hold that much power and try to hold back tears at the same time.”

“I am Argentine without Māori roots and with zero knowledge of this culture,” a third comment reads. “I have respect and admiration for them and this a wonderful way of honour!”

“It’s so beautiful to witness a people who we’re fortunate to keep their culture intact,” one more added. “The family celebrating Nana’s transition was amazing. I know she’s proud.”

It’s always incredible to see the outpouring of respect and admiration that people in Aotearoa and around the world have for the haka and tikanga Māori, especially when it comes on an emotional video such as this one.