NZers help kiwi nan out after she's stuck with huge bill to pay for damages to her car

NZers donate to 'Super Nan' who drove into ram-raiders after she gets stuck with huge bill

She's been hit with a hefty reapair cost.

You might remember the vigilante nana who took matters into her own hands when she saw ram raiders smashing through a Spark store in Cambridge last week. 

Well, now she’s been faced with a massive repair bill of around $10,000 to fix the damages done to her car, or as we like to call it, the gran-mobile.

The grandma - who chose to remain anonymous - was going out for a morning coffee in Cambridge when she saw crime was afoot. Ram raiders had hit the local Spark store and tried to make a run for the getaway car in waiting.

Super Nana told herself, “It’s not happening", and immediately made a beeline for the getaway vehicle. She was successful in ram-raiding the ram raiders’ ride, crashing into it and damaging both vehicles. 

Since discovering the costs of the damage, a Givealittle page has been created by the Hamilton and Districts Crime Information Group.

"Everyone has heard about the nana who drove her car into the group of youths robbing a store," the Givealitte page reads.

"This has inspired us to help raise money for her to cover the costs of the damage to her car which if insurance doesn't come to the party could be over $10,000 worth."

Since the page was created on April 15, a whopping $16,000 has been donated from 631 generous donors.

Looks like Granny might even have a bit of cash to spare.

One donor wrote in support of the gran-raider:  “We love you Rammy Granny, you inspire us with your courage and no-nonsense attitude. Hope you're ok after that…”

“Perhaps your next car should have bull bars and a roller cage for you. Hope you get a good massage as well”

According to an update on the Givealittle page, the group are just waiting for Nana to confirm that her insurance won’t be covering the damage before the money goes her way, although it is "not looking positive" at this stage. 

It’s great to see us Kwis rally together in support of the super nan, and we are glad she hasn’t been left high and dry after her courageous act.