Nick Cannon drops trailer for wild 'new show' 'Who’s Having My Baby?' - here's what the deal is

Nick Cannon drops trailer for wild 'new show' 'Who’s Having My Baby?' - here's what the deal is

“You’re going to get some contestants that want to have your baby"

Nick Cannon dropped a trailer for a game show called ‘Who’s Having My Baby?’ and if it sounds too wild to be true, that's because it's fake. Thank the lord. 

Hosted by Kevin Hart, the premise of the show was apparently to pit women who want to have Nick Cannon’s next baby against each other, per Pop Base.

I’ll admit it, I believed it was real. Nick Cannon has 12 children with six different women, combine that with television’s willingness to try anything and everything to get views, could you blame me? (the trailer was actually a way to promote the real game show ‘Celebrity Prank Wars’). 

I wasn’t the only one who fell for it though. People online were appalled at the announcement. With hindsight, looking back on comments is genuinely hilarious but also a little concerning. 

“Wow, this has Kevin Hart written all over it,” is probably my favourite comment. 

“Why would you all agree to such a game show for money, and to the women who agreed to participate in such foolishness is beyond comprehension,” another person wrote, adding that it is “beyond disturbing”.

Another person said the backlash was full of hypocrisy. The content of shows like ‘The Bachelor, ‘90 Day Fiance’, and ‘Love Island’ contain “couples getting together, having sex, and a lot of them get pregnant and fake married and nobody’s saying nothing,” they wrote. 

“But when Nick Cannon is on here y'all here tripping. It's funny because all these shows have high ratings and nobody says nothing about these shows”

Obviously, this is a lesson in not believing everything you see on the internet. However, as I mentioned before, TV has birthed some shocking shows and the whole Nick Cannon being a father of 12 thing being implemented into a game show is no less wild than shows like ‘Moment Of Truth’. 

‘Moment of Truth’ involved contestants simply answering questions about themselves, with each answer gaining them more money. Only, the questions were extremely personal and at one point led to a woman admitting, in front of her husband and mother, that she wished she married her ex-boyfriend AND cheated on her husband two days before the wedding. She was eventually eliminated for answering "yes" to the question of whether she believed she is a good person.

What about 'MILF Manor'? Y'know, the show where mothers and their sons are trying to hook up with other mothers and sons as they all live in the same house.

Let's not kid anyone, if 'Who's Having My Baby?' was real you know you'd be watching it, disgusted and ashamed, but watching.