Jason Momoa gets All Blacks Piri Weepu, Rene Ranger and more to sip his new vodka straight

Jason Momoa gets All Blacks Piri Weepu, Rene Ranger and more to sip his new vodka straight

Looks like only the ABs can get Aquaman himself fangirling

Hollywood superstar Jason Momoa is kicking it with some legendary All Blacks, offering them his new vodka as they make each other crack up. 

The one and only Piri Weepu is there, though he turned down the drink (no peer pressure for Piri), as well as big hitter Rene Ranger, Liam Messam, Troy Flavell, Kees Meeuws, and more. 

Momoa’s showed off the hangout on his Instagram, posting a video of him handing out cups of his new Meili Vodka as they’re chilling on the set of his upcoming TV series ‘Chief Of War’. 

“I just had my mind blown today,” the ‘Aquaman’ star says to begin the video. “I’m with the All Blacks, legends of the All Blacks.”

Later in the video Momoa shares that Meili has taken him seven years to make. After a classic sniff and sip routine, the rugby greats all agree that it’s “smooth” before Momoa gives a toast to “the All Blacks, legends”. 

Good times man, good times.

The ‘Game of Thrones’ actor looks pretty pumped to finally have the vodka ready to go (and “All Black approved”) after it’s been in production for the better half of a decade. He created Meili with his friend Blaine Halvorson. 

“Meili represents the adventurer's heart, the purity of discovery, and the spirit of exploration,” the Meili website states. “Every ingredient is purveyed with the utmost quality and character in mind.”

As mentioned before, the All Blacks taste test went down on the set of ‘Chief Of War’. The new show will hit close to home for Momoa, a Hawaii native and the lead actor and writer.

It “follows the epic and unprecedented telling of the unification and colonization of Hawaii from an indigenous point of view,” according to Deadline.