Determined woman passes her driving test after 960 attempts

Determined woman passes her driving test after 960 attempts

960th time lucky!

In the immortal words of Aaliyah, "if at first you don't succeed, then dust yourself off and try again". And it seems as though one very determined South Korean woman, Cha Sa-soon, took those words to heart after passing her driver's licence on her 960th attempt, showing that it pays to never give up on your goals!

Cha Sa-soon's heartwarming story has been reshared on reddit, where it has generated a fair bit of traction due to her relentless pursuit of her driving licence.

She initially took her first written test way back in April 2005, but she was not deterred after failing as she then took the test five times a week for the following three years. 

Naturally that became a significant financial burden so she reduced her attempts to just twice a week, passing on her 860th attempt.

 After completing the written exam she then had the daunting task of moving on to the practical test, which would prove challenging but ultimately her spirit would prevail, earning her a driver's licence on her 960th attempt!

The expenses of the driving lessons and examinations totalled at nearly $20,000 NZD, but she was determined to pass due to her need to drive for her vegetable-selling business.

According to Cha Sa-soon's driving instructor, when she finally passed, it was 'a huge burden off [their] backs'.

The instructor, at Jeonbuk Driving School, said: 'When she finally got her licence, we all went out cheering and hugged her, giving her flowers."

'It felt like a huge burden falling off our backs. We hadn't had the guts to tell her to quit because she kept showing up.'

Cha Sa-soon's story made international headlines due to her tenacity, making her a national celebrity. 

She was even gifted a brand new vehicle by South Korean car manufacturer Hyundai.