Bunch of bananas for 2 bucks: The Warehouse is now selling fresh, healthy kai for a low price

Bunch of bananas for 2 bucks: The Warehouse is now selling fresh, healthy kai for a low price

Where everyone gets a banana-rgain.

The Warehouse is now selling fresh vegetables and fruits at their stores so Kiwis can get their fresh, healthy kai for a low price.  They've offered essentials like milk, butter, eggs, and bread in the past, but now they're expanding their range. 

The Warehouse say that their new range will save shoppers a considerable amount of money. Buying "a basket of bread, milk, butter, Marmite, Weetbix, coffee, apples, tomatoes, laundry powder and Purina cat food," at Warehouse would be $12 cheaper than at Countdown ($48.55 compared to $60.66), as reported by Stuff.

The store has officially started its trial in six different stores around the country. The stores are located in: Whangārei, Auckland's Westgate, Wellington's Lyall Bay, Christchurch's Riccarton, Timaru, and Invercargill.

"We already stock a good selection of what Kiwis want and need for their weekly shop – pantry basics, bread, milk, eggs, cereal, toothpaste, toilet paper, pet food as well as laundry and cleaning products, so offering Kiwi families fresh produce at The Warehouse is an exciting next step for us," Tania Benyon, The Warehouse chief product officer told 1news.

"We’re big supporters of locally produced fruit and veges, and we’re proud to be working with local suppliers where practical to stock our shelves with carrots, onions, potatoes, avocado, apples, bananas, sweetcorn and tomatoes."

If the trial is successful, the team at Warehouse will be looking into selling fresh produce at more stores.

Currently as of 15 Feb 2022, here are the prices:

1.5kg Carrots: $5.00

1.5kg Onions: $5.00

2.5kg Potatoes: $8.00

3 Avocadoes: $5.00

1.5kg Apples: $5.00

Banana Bunch: $2.00

650g Tomato: $5.00

3 pack Sweetcorn: $4.00