‘So happy’: Ruby Tui goes to fan’s house and signs her book after being spotted on the street

‘So happy’: Ruby Tui goes to fan’s house and signs her book after being spotted on the street

Ruby Tui doing Ruby Tui things.

Ruby Tui is providing all the warm fuzzies after documenting her cute as impromptu house visit/book signing on TikTok. 

The World Champion Black Fern was just going about her day when a sweet old lady named Sam drove past and got Ruby’s attention. 

“Was legit just walking to my car and whaea started yelling and pulled over. Love these moments,” Tui said. 

The two instantly hit it off, giving each other a big hug with even bigger smiles, with Sam even saying “I love you”. 

Because Ruby is just an awesome chick, she decided to go to Sam’s house to sign a copy of her book ‘Straight Up’. 

“I never do this, but Sam was great. She reckons she lives five minutes down the road, so I’m going to go to her house and sign her book. She’s reading it for the second time and just loves it. What a cool chick,” Tui told the camera. 

When Ruby makes it to the house, Sam can be heard excitedly yelling before the Black Fern is even in the door. 

Once she’s there, Ruby delivers on her promise, and you can hear just how happy Sam is. 

“Made it to Sam’s kitchen, gonna make it happen. Lucky your name’s easy to spell,” Ruby tells Sam as she signs the inside cover. 

In the car after the little adventure, Tui seems full of positive energy all thanks to Sam’s aroha. She even admits that she almost didn’t write the book, the reason for the cute meet and greet. 

“Oh, that was so cool man. She was so cool. Whaea Sam was so cool,” Tui says. 

“I can't believe I wasn’t going to write that book. I just went into a random’s house. Have a great day everybody. Have an amazing beautiful wonderful day. Peace and Love”

One of the comments on the TikTok says: "that's why you're the G.O.A.T," and I couldn't agree more.