Kiwi truck driver’s crack-up interview after stopping a robbery in Aussie is going viral again

Kiwi truck driver’s crack-up interview after stopping a robbery in Aussie is going viral again

“I’m sorry bro, this is what happens when you’re a naughty boy."

A Kiwi truck driver who gave one of the greatest interviews of all time after stopping a robbery is going viral for the second time… because the interview is just that good. 

T was interviewed by the Australian morning news show ‘9 Today’ back in February 2020 for stopping one of two thieves who ransacked a Coles and and he even gave the wannabe robber some life advice. 

The original Facebook video has over 2 million views and 32,000 likes and a TikTok of the interview posted earlier this week has over 400,000 likes and 3.8 million views, meaning the Kiwi hero is going even more viral than he did before. 

“To be honest, it was just a normal day, just driving here to Coles to drop off their magazines,” T says to start the interview. 

After being alerted to the robbery by someone nearby (who T thought was waving ‘hello’ at him), he goes into action. 

“I was like ‘oh wait there then I’ll go over and check it out’,” he recalled. “So I just walked over, stood in front of the door and then I looked in and seen them and I was like ‘mate, what are youse up to?’.”

T didn’t know what kind of weapons they were packing, so just stared them out. One then ran past him. T was not letting the other one get away. 

“The second fella just looked at me and I was like ‘you’re not going anywhere’,” T said. 

“That’s when I grabbed the guy and tackled him on the ground and held him there. He was struggling at first and I said to him ‘mate, you’re wasting your breath, you’re just gonna make yourself tired’.”

T is a father of a son the same age as the robber, so gave the kid he had tackled and pinned down some life advice.

“‘Why are you hanging out with those dropkicks? They’re no good for you. Like, you got your whole life ahead of you, you’re fifteen years old, come on mate’’,” he told the kid. 

What a guy.