22yo coach gets fired for playing as a 13yo basketballer, ends high school team's season

22yo coach gets fired for playing as a 13yo basketballer, ends high school team's season

Coach was out there celebrating like it's game 7 of the finals.

A 22-year-old basketball coach effectively ended the season for a bunch of high schoolers after she pretended to be a 13-year-old during a game. 

On January 22nd (NZT) Churchland High JV’s girl’s basketball team took the court against Nasemond River in search of their fifth win in a row and trying to avoid just their third loss of the season. They were so keen on that win that they called up one of their assistant coaches, Arlisha Boykins, to play against kids almost a decade younger than her. 

And Boykins balled. WAVY-TV acquired footage of the game and the 22-year-old can be seen swatting a shot, hitting a tough and one bucket, and even celebrating like she isn’t playing against people that were literally born in 2010.

The footage shows her team losing near the end of the game, which might just be the most embarrassing thing about this. The team had to forfeit the game after it was finished, but if they did not win against teenagers when they had a 22 year old... sheesh. 

Boykins was fired after the game, as was the head coach of the JV team (apparently, she encouraged Boykins to play) AND the head coach of the varsity team, WAVY-TV reports. 

After the Virginia High School League (VHSL) launched an investigation into the matter, families and players of both the JV and Varsity teams decided to just call it quits on the season.

So, three people lost their jobs and around twenty high schoolers lost a team and the chance to have a bit of fun every week because one girl wanted to go LeBron James on some kids. Just play some 2k girl. 

VHSL’s executive director Billy Haun said that the coaches acted irresponsibly and let down the students. 

"When an adult commits to being a high school coach, it's not just about coaching the game,” he told WTKR. “They take on a lot of responsibility. Adults who fail to live up to those expectations - I'll just put it bluntly - they fail students.”

“We failed kids because we've got a group of young ladies who will now not be able to finish their season because of the behaviour of some adults."