'What a Time to be Alive': There’s a new AI Website that turns any topic into a Drake song

'What a Time to be Alive': There’s a new AI Website that turns any topic into a Drake song

'Nothing Was The Same' after I discovered this.

A new AI tool/website turns literally anything you want into a tune by the '6 God' himself, Drake. 

Drayk.it is the name of the new tool and all you have to do is give it a prompt and in less than a minute it will produce around twenty seconds of a song with a similar lyrical scheme to Drake’s music AND a little video of him singing along. 

For example, I came up with the simple, true statement that I wanted Champagne Papi to sing along to: “Mai FM is the best radio station.” And DAMN, the beat came in hot and Aubrey went to work. 

AI Drake song about MAI FM
00:00 / 00:22

“I’m feeling like I’m in love/For the first time, I just can’t get enough,” he opens the tune with, okayyyyy Aubrey. 

“Mai FM stay bumping the beats/Got me singing and dancing in the streets” talk to 'em Drizzy! (Just ignore his pronunciation yeah?).

People on Twitter are having some fun with the new toy. Making songs about being made about Drake jokes, Mike Tyson, eating cheeses, and even about being turned into an AI. 

Drayk.it comes from the people who invented ‘Mayk.it’ - a virtual music studio that lets you make complete songs by pressing buttons (this beat, this voice effect, even AI-produced lyrics) rather than having to have musical expertise yourself.

In a 2022 interview with Forbes Magazine, creators Stefán Heinrich Henriquez and Akiva Bamberger said they built ‘Mayk.it’ because everyone deserves to be an artist. 

“The premise is that everyone should be able to make songs and work as an artist,” Henriquez told Forbes. “We’re unleashing music creativity for everyone.”

“When we looked at other music-making apps, we found they were just too complex for us. They were almost all developed by professional musicians who didn’t have much empathy for beginners.”

“We can’t make music for people, but we can help them to express themselves musically. In a world of automation, creativity is how we will create new value, but people need the right tools to help them exploit their creativity," he added.