WATCH: Guy holding Maccas delivery order walks on court during a college basketball game

WATCH: Guy holding Maccas delivery order walks on court during a college basketball game

Wonder if they got the Shaquille O'Meal or the Stephen Curry.

A man who appeared to be an UberEats or Door Dash delivery person is going viral after walking onto a college basketball court while the game was going on. 

Four minutes into the second half of the game between Loyola Chicago and Duquesne University a man in a yellow jacket holding a McDonald’s delivery bag walks onto the right corner of the court, just a couple of metres away from the ball. He was quickly escorted off by security.

The clip, originally posted to Twitter by Andy Dieckhoff, quickly went viral, having gained over 8 million views and almost 30k likes. 

As you may have expected, the viral moment was a prank. The guy wasn’t affiliated with any food delivery company and a mic was spotted on him by a sideline camera person who tweeted his view of the weird moment. 

Duquesne University also released a statement confirming that it was just some guys trying to be funny on the internet. 

“This was a prank, planned in advance, done for internet exposure,” Duquesne’s athletic department told Front Office Sports. “We’re determined that the individual was wearing a mic while someone filmed him as he walked onto the court during active play.”

“While the incident may have seemed funny at the time, and no harm was done, we are mindful that incidents like this can put players and officials at risk.”

“The University has reviewed its safety protocols and tightened its security measures to ensure conditions for our players and fans are safe and meet the standards for the highest level of competition in college basketball,” Duquesne added.

If you are wondering, Duquesne ended up winning the game 72 - 58 after outscoring Loyola 41 to 18 in the second half.

I guess they played hungry and ate up the competition with some DUNKin’ donuts thrown in there as well.