The legend David Tua shows off his incredible physique at 50 years old

The legend David Tua shows off his incredible physique at 50 years old

Tua stays inspiring us even at 50!

The one and only David Tua has shown off his hectic physique on his Instagram and even at 50 years he looks like he could still mess up anybody in the ring.

He posts multiple videos of his intense workouts every week and it’s honestly inspiring to see a guy staying motivated and disciplined when he could easily sit back and relax after the career that he has had. 

All his Instagram posts have the same courteous caption and inspiring hashtags:


When I woke up this morning I didn’t think David Tua would want to make me feel like I could run through a brick wall but here we are. Seriously, have a look through his Instagram and tell me you don't feel like you could have a run it straight with the Hulk.

Tua is one of Samoa/Aotearoa’s most successful sporting exports. His final professional boxing record ended as 52 wins (43 by knockout), five losses, and two draws.

His most famous fight came in 2000 when he had the chance to win three championships: the World Boxing Council (WBC); the International Boxing Federation (IBF); and the International Boxing Organisation (IBO). 

Tua went the full twelve rounds with Lennox Lewis, who was the heavy favourite, but unfortunately lost by unanimous decision. It was a commendable effort, though, as one of his ribs cracked in the first round from a Lewis punch. 

It would be the only chance Tua would get at any of the heavyweight championships throughout his 21-year career. He may have lost that beautiful head of hair but, as we know, he never lost that motivation that got him to the top in first place.