Woman gifts pizza

Tauranga woman spreads kindness one pizza at a time after man straight up asks for her food

“That’s so cool that he even asked... Normalise it."

One kind Tauranga woman has shared her experience with sharing love in the community and her love comes in the form of pizza!

TikToker @rarri_star posted to the social media app with the caption: “It’s cool to be cool! Have a beautiful day everyone,” as she shared her story about being kind to others.

She started her story by saying: “I just walked out of Pizza Hut and this man came up to me and he was like, ‘can I have a pizza?’”

Without hesitation, she offered the man the pizza he had asked for and suggested that he take another one. 

The man accepted and seemingly disappeared into the chemist after saying his thank yous.

In the clip, the TikToker is clearly seen buzzing that she had made someone else’s day, adding: “that’s so cool that he even asked.”

“If you don’t ask you won’t receive.”

“He just normalised that by asking ‘can I have a pizza?’... I love that he normalised that, I loved that I normalised it and I think we all should.”

The TikToker then ended her video by encouraging her followers to do the same. 

“If you walk past someone and you’ve got heaps of food, [ask] ‘you want some?’ and they’ll probably want some or they might actually need it.’

Just as she’s rounding up the video, @rarri_star catches the man walking behind her car eating a slice of pizza and she explains that it looked like he had a rough night and was appreciative of that moment of positivity.

In a second video uploaded by TikToker, she shows a brief moment where the man offered her and her friend a Coca-Cola for their troubles. 

The group also joked about the spicy vegetarian pizza that was offered up, before driving away.

It’s moments like this that remind us to be kind to one another. One act of kindness can offer so much positivity and it’s great to see that going on within our community!