‘Coolest thing I’ve done all year’: Israel Adesanya jumps on stage and dances with Xzibit

‘Coolest thing I’ve done all year’: Israel Adesanya jumps on stage and dances with Xzibit

Wearing the lavalava aswell!

Aotearoa's very own MMA superstar Israel Adesanya hopped on stage with the one and only Xzibit this weekend. 

Xzibit was performing at JuicyFest when the Stylebender emerged from backstage wearing a lavalava to crip walk with the legendary American rapper. 

“Crip walk with @xzibit,” Adesanya wrote in a Twitter caption. “Coolest thing I've done all year and it’s only January. #walkitoff #getyourwalkon #cwalk #oldskool #gang #kulture.”

A few of the replies to the tweet were talking about Alex Pereira, who defeated Issy in his most recent UFC bout back in November but a lot more were positive. 

“Glad you having fun bro,” wrote one fan. 

“My boy out here getting it!!!” said another. 

“You always bringing that energy,” one more added. “Been a minute since I’ve seen X but he is a real one for letting you f*ck around on stage during his live performance.”

Xzibit has been making the most of his visit to NZ. As well as dancing with one of our biggest celebs, the former ‘Pimp My Ride’ host has travelled all around the North Island, visiting Tauranga, Auckland and even Palmerston North, documenting his travels on Instagram. 

Upon arriving in our country Xzibit, alongside fellow icon NeYo, was met with a haka pōwhiri and a hongi, before whipping out the pukana. 

The 48-year-old showed the love back by sharing words with the performers who greeted him at Auckland airport. 

“Thank you so much. We come here in peace," he said. "We want to embrace the beauty of this land. We want to perform well for your people that are coming to see us and support us”

“We bring a lot of love and respect from Los Angeles and really want to enjoy New Zealand, so thank you.”