'Don't have this mindset': UK man cops heat for 'appropriation' after asking for Samoan tattoo

'Don't have this mindset': UK man cops heat for 'appropriation' after asking for Samoan tattoo

Think before you get inked.

When it comes to getting tattooed it’s more than just a process of what looks good. In many cultures, there is significance and importance in sharing history and telling a story through art.

So when one Twitter user posted a pic online asking where he could get a Samoan tattoo locally in the UK, others were quick to call him out.

Twitter user @broxh_ responded with his opinion writing: “There's a lot I want to say about this but when it comes to the traditional markings of any indigenous people around the world. Don't have this mindset.”

You go to the people and learn about their culture and what the markings represent and mean. Kia ora,” he finished.

Many agreed with Broxh sharing their opinions on what they believe is the appropriate measure to take when considering a culturally significant tattoo.

One user wrote: “Personally, I wouldn’t consider it unless I were a part of that culture.”

“Probs best to avoid cultural appropriation if you don’t even know the culture you’re stealing from,” said another.

A third shared their love for moko: “I have always wanted to get tā moko but have always been worried It would be offensive to Māori people. But I love the culture and Aotearoa.”

While Broxh chimed in again writing: “There are many tā moko artists in the country that will sit down with you and talk about moko before the initial process starts. Everyone has different opinions on it for me personally if you know and understand what is in the moko you receive, that's good.”