Spotify Wrapped reveals the top local artists Aotearoa listened to in 2022

Spotify Wrapped reveals the top local artists Aotearoa listened to in 2022

Any surprises here?

Spotify Wrapped dropped today, which means people are either bragging to their mates about their music taste or going silent in the group chat. 

No matter if you’re proud or pissed about your top artists, Spotify has revealed our country’s favourite homegrown artists, songs, and albums. 

Aotearoa’s Most Streamed Local Artists. 

Coming in at #1 after a huge year thanks to the release of their ‘Castle Street’ album, press from an Aussie news presenter, and just being legends is Six60. Who else could it have been?

Reggae stars L.A.B took out the #2 spot with former ‘Australian Idol’ winner, the one and only Stan Walker coming in at #3. 

Katchafire and Sons Of Zion came in at #4 and #5 respectively. 

Aotearoa’s Most Streamed Local Artist Songs

L.A.B dominated this section like Jonah Lomu playing ball rush against kindergarteners. They took out the #1 (‘In The Air’), #2 (‘Mr Reggae’), #3 (‘Controller’), AND #4 (‘Under The Sun’) spots. Pure domination. 

The fifth most streamed local artists' song belongs to Coterie with their tune ‘Cool it Down’.

Spotify also shared what international artists Kiwis listened to the most, with Taylor Swift taking out the top spot. 

Drake came in at #2 thanks to him releasing the albums ‘Honestly, Nevermind’ and ‘Her Loss’ (as well as having loads of bangers in his repertoire). 

Ed Sheeran came in at #3 despite not releasing any music this year. 

The legend that is Marshall Mathers AKA Eminem AKA Slim Shady took out the number four spot in NZ. Seeing as it’s been over two decades since he released it’s first album and he’s still getting a mad amount of streams just certifies his position as one of the GOATs.

#5 went to Kanye West. He started off 2022 pretty low, talking crazy about Kim and Pete Davidson, but it just got so much worse from then on. Let’s not even talk about it.