Need a festie set this szn? The Warehouse have the goods

Need a festie set this szn? The Warehouse have the goods

Be unique and stylish in the mosh this summer!

Festie szn well and truly here and we couldn’t be more excited, but there’s always that last-minute stress of finding the perfect fit - right?

This summer szn, The Warehouse is bringing the vibes to festie-goers and has the sets to match. 

You want to be stylish, affordable and unique while getting groovy in the mosh right?

With their tops, shorts and accessories, you can build the perfect combination of items to create a bold festival look. 

SOURCE: The Warehouse NZ

The Warehouse’s range of breathable and bright outfits would be perfect for those hot summer nights - no one likes the smelly one in the mosh.

From fun and vibrant looks to muted and subtle styles, The Warehouse has the coolest apparel to help Kiwis stand out in the crowd for all the right reasons this summer. 

From fun tropical prints and tonal gingham to pops of colour, there is something for everyone to choose from.

SOURCE: The Warehouse NZ

Or get creative and mix it up and do a little switch-a-roo with your mates and BOOM a unique yet still matching vibe for you and your crew!

The Warehouse NZ has designed these festival sets to be affordable and easy to wear, making them perfect for festival-goers who want to look stylish without breaking the bank. 

Whether you are looking for a subtle and stylish look or something a bit more daring and vibrant, The Warehouse has us covered. Never thought The Warehouse would be my go-to for a festy fit but here I am and I’m totally here for it!