Kiwi six-year-old fights to get the Black Ferns on the Weet-Bix Stat Attack cards and wins

Kiwi six-year-old fights to get the Black Ferns on the Weet-Bix Stat Attack cards and wins

Yeeyah Daisy!

Black Ferns fans stole the hearts of the nation as they won the World Cup in their home country this year, and fans have stayed in love with the team since. 

One such fan is Daisy Dawson, a six-year-old Christchurch, and she managed to champion the cause to get her favourite rugby team on the vaunted Weet-Bix Stat Attack cards. 

In October Daisy sent a letter to Sanitarium questioning why the Black Ferns are not part of the Stat Attack series while the less successful All Blacks are. 

“To Sanitarium,” she wrote (great start). “I have been watching the Black Ferns play recently and they are really good. Why do you not have the Black Ferns in the Stat Attack cards? From Daisy Dawson.”

The Weet-Bix producers got back to Daisy saying the Black Ferns aren’t on the cards due to businessy reasons. 

“We have a highly valued 20-plus year sponsorship relationship with the All Blacks,” Sanitarium responded. “We also have the Weet-Bix Kids TRYalthlon. We are committed to these two sponsorship properties.”

Not taking no for an answer (and probably not knowing what half those words mean), Daisy decided to team up with FairGo to make those Black Ferns cards a reality.

And she was successful, receiving a video message from Hayley Scott, Sanitarium’s portfolio brand manager, as well as some goodies. 

“We hear you’re a BIG Black Ferns and Weet-Bix fan, we are too,” Hayley says. “We think it’s a fantastic idea - something we have been looking into recently but today I’ve got some news that I wanted to share with you first.”

“We’re really proud to announce that in 2023 you’ll be able to collect both All Blacks and Black Ferns cards in your Weet-Bix boxes. Daisy, I just wanted to thank you for the passion you’ve shown and being that driver for change and inspiring young Kiwi kids all around New Zealand,” she finished. 

Awesome work from Daisy to be honest. Wouldn’t be surprised to see her in a Black Fern jersey in a couple of decades.