‘Gonna get a hiding’: Jerome Luai goes too far during best-man speech at Brian To’o’s wedding

‘Gonna get a hiding’: Jerome Luai goes too far during best-man speech at Brian To’o’s wedding

To'o was not happy with the bro.

Brian To’o’s probably regretting picking Jerome Luai as his best man after his Manu Samoa teammate took it too far at the wedding earlier this week. 

During To’o’s traditional Samoan wedding ceremony to his long-time partner Moesha Crichton-Ropati, Luai grabbed the microphone to deliver his speech with all of Moesha’s and Brian’s families present and even more people watching on a live stream. 

“Got the privilege to spend seven weeks in England [at the Rugby League World Cup this year] rooming with my boy,” Luai says as he puts his shoulder on To’o as if he’s not about to almost ruin the man’s marriage before it even begins.

“And if youse didn’t know… This man has the stinkiest ass I’ve ever been around, stinkiest. Stinkiest. And he’s proud of it.”

“My uso loves himself. If his phone gallery gets leaked one day, that’ll be the proof,” he continued. 

“As I said, seven weeks in England. Walked into the room, basically all I seen was my uso taking selfies on his phone, my uso facetime another girl he met in England - oh, I mean Moesha, facetime Moesha”. 

Bro is lucky Moesha and Brian started laughing at this point, but they’re good mates so not it’s pretty harmless. The next part though, Brian didn’t find as funny. 

“Sometimes I walk in, I hear things - my uso in the toilet, having a fufu,” he said as To’o looks up at him like he’ll scrap him right there. 

Luai then realises he may have gone too far, saying: “Chill chill chill, I was joking. I’m about to get a hiding, I’m about to get a hiding.”

Yea bro, you probably will. Might be best if he avoids the elders, aye?

If you want to watch his whole speech, it starts 3 hours and two minutes into the full wedding video. 

In the end, there were no hidings and everyone was in great spirits. Moesha went live on Instagram at the end of the night and To’o told the camera: 

“Bye guys love you so much. See you guys in nine months.”