From kitchens to the court: Steven Adam's most viral moments of 2022

From kitchens to the court: Steven Adam's most viral moments of 2022

A truly great pick and role model.

There’s something about Steven Adams that just gets the people going. Every couple of months he produces a moment that hits the internet and spreads like crazy. 

From making some of the biggest, most athletic adults alive look like children to teaching little children to act like adults. From a basketball court with 20,000 people watching to an airport restaurant with barely anyone watching. These are Steven Adams’ most viral moments of 2022. 

Move mate, get out the way
Back in January of this year, Steve went viral for literally picking up and carrying a member of the opposite team away from a fight. Tony Bradley is a 6ft 10 (2.08m) 248lb (112kg) human being and Steve moved him like he was picking up a crying toddler. 

Steve told Sportscenter that he had asked Bradley to let go of his teammate (Ja Morant). After Bradley refused, Steve told him: “I’m going to have to take you away now mate.”

Pick and Role Model
Steve made the rounds online in July of this year after a Kiwi businessman spotted him at the NZ airport cleaning up after himself after a massive feed. 

“This is a man who earns $20m+ per annum, could fly private if he wanted and who could easily get used to people doing everything for him,” the businessman said. “Instead, here he is putting his dishes away, despite the lounge having staff who collect them from your table.”

All Pass No Brakes
More known for his rebounds, and toughness, Steven Adams wowed NBA fans with his full-court, end-of-quarter assist to his all-star point guard Ja Morant.

The 92 feet (28 metres) pass ended up being the best play of the whole NBA season. The Big Kiwi had a play better than all of the massive dunks, brutal blocks, and clutch shots that occurred during the NBA season. 

‘Ouch’ - the ball
After delivering plenty of brutal blows throughout his ten-year NBA career, Steve found himself on the wrong end of a fastball on the opening day of this NBA season.

Having a solid reputation for being the toughest guy in the NBA, the commentator was quick to make the joke that everyone else made: “I think the ball hurt more than Steven Adams”. 

The Big Manners
Coming off the court after a game a little kid grabbed Steve’s attention by asking the 29-year-old if he would autograph his hat. 

“No,” the big Kiwi responded, before nudging him in the right direction. “What do you say? What do you say?”

The kid got the idea, finally saying “please” before Steve reached up and signed his hat.