Post Malone perfectly responds to 'rude' heckler trying to go viral during meet and greet

Post Malone perfectly responds to 'rude' heckler trying to go viral during meet and greet

"You suck. You a b*tch..."

Post Malone is currently on his Twelve Carat tour for his latest album and has gone viral for his response to some pretty bloody rude hecklers.

During a meet and greet with his fans, Posty was heckled, being called a 'b*tch by the one supposed fan filming on their phone - trying to gain some views for their shoddy behaviour.

However, Posty responded in the best way he could, with nothing but kindness and this moment has since gone viral across social media.

When approaching his fans, the heckler yelled "Post Malone you a b*tch", which prompted the singer to turn and stare at the listener for their unnecessary comment.

The eye contact seemingly made the hater stop and think, however, he attempted to keep the conversation going.

"You suck. You a b*tch,” he continued. 

“You a b*tch. Post Malone sucks."

Everyone around had enough of the shocking words being spat at Posty and the hater was eventually escorted away as the video cuts.

Thankfully the singer brushed the shock of the nasty comments off simply saying, "that's so rude" before turning his focus to the true fans who wanted an autograph.

It seems that Posty lives most of his life unfazed as he casually shared the birth of his firstborn child in a Howard Stern interview back in June.

Posty shared the news in a passing comment while chatting with Howard Stern about how his day was going before he arrived for their interview.

“I woke up at 2:30, and I kissed my baby girl…”

Stern then asked if by “baby girl,” he meant girlfriend. 

He confirmed, “That’s my daughter.”

But that wasn’t the only news to announce on the show…

When Stern asked Malone if his mystery partner was his girlfriend or wife, Posty further confirmed, "She's my fiancée."

Seems like he really does seem happy to fly under the radar when it comes to his personal life, and you can’t blame him when living in the spotlight brings idiots like this heckler.