People are mad at The View for dressing a kid up as the Will Smith Chris Rock Oscars slap

People are mad at The View for dressing a kid up as the Will Smith Chris Rock Oscars slap

That's not the only costume that people are mad at...

An American talk show is catching some heat online for dressing up some kids in some controversial costumes, including Donald Trump and the infamous Oscars slap

‘The View’ had their Halloween show, and for the segment ‘Boo Are You Wearing!?’ Ashley Alderfer-Kaufman, the show’s wardrobe supervisor, was tasked with coming up with some“costumes inspired by this year’s hottest topics”. 

I guess she passed the assignment but DAMN she did not hold back, pissing a lot of people off in the process.

One of the outfits people were not happy with was the Oscars’ slap. Yeah, she dressed a kid as the literal Oscar slap that took over the world for a good week or so. 

A literal child was standing there in a full gold outfit and a red handprint painted on his face. 

“'Now we do not want to endorse violence of any kind but we couldn't help but talk about one of the hottest hot topics of the year,” Ashley exaplined as the kid walked out. 

“So we have our interpretation, we have an Oscar statue, we call this the Oscars slap. He has a red facepaint on the statue.”

As soon as the show aired people were calling out their "interpretation" of the slap. 

Another costume that has enraged a lot of online people is the three kids dressed up as the FBI raid on Trump’s Flordia mansion.

Ashley had two kids dressed up as FBI agents holding another kid who dressed up as a toilet with top secret files stuck to him. 

People are legit calling for the whole show to be taken off air, criticising the hosts for pushing a political agenda and using kids to do it, and saying it’s one of the most disgusting things they’ve ever seen on TV. 

You can watch the whole segment, which also includes 'inflation' and 'choco taco' costumes, below.