‘My usos, I love you’: The Rock sends inspiring message to Toa Samoa Rugby League team

‘My usos, I love you’: The Rock sends inspiring message to Toa Samoa Rugby League team

"When it comes to legacy, you guys are defining your legacy right here."

Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson has delivered an inspiring message to the Toa Samoa Rugby League team ahead of the huge Rugby World Cup Final against Australia this weekend. 

Everyone’s favourite uncle had a lot of words for the history-making squad, spending five minutes to get his message across. 

“Man, here we go,” he starts with. “I am delivering this message with boundless love and boundless reverence and respect and boundless pride. For my boys, my usos. Toa Samoa rugby team, they are going to the men’s final of the Rugby League World Cup.”

“This is a big deal, they are making history in the world of sport and the world of rugby. This is the first time that our island, our country, our culture of Samoa has gone to the final of any sport.”

The former wrestler then talks about how he’s dealt with a fair amount of pressure over his life, before giving some advice to the team.

“It happened when I was playing football, it happened when I was wrestling for some of the biggest Wrestlemanias of all time. It happened in this crazy world of Hollywood. It happens outside of Hollywood in all these other industries,” he said. 

“There’s a few things that I always think about and I want you guys to think about this too.”

“Number one is grit - there’s a term you guys know,  it’s called ‘fa’a Samoa’. Fa’a Samoa is being proud of who you are, where you come from, what’s in your blood, what’s in your DNA, what’s deep in here, mana - that’s the thing that separates us from everyone else.”

“But it also means grit. It’s the grit, the drive, that force that operates when your backs are up against the wall and there is nowhere to go but ahead, but forward.”

“The other one is legacy. When it comes to legacy, you guys are defining your legacy right here. Right here, right now.”

“When I think about legacy, I think about my father, I think about my grandparents, all my ancestors, all your ancestors. Our ancestors are watching. History is watching but our ancestors are always watching.”

“So when you take that field this Saturday in Manchester and you have that grit and your DNA is just full of our Samoan pride and culture and you think about that legacy and that legacy you guys want to define.”

Dwayne finishes his inspiring message by telling the boys he wishes he could be there and that he loves them.

“If I was there with you guys on Saturday I’d put on a toa Samoa jersey and I’d take that field. Man, I’d be taking that rock with you guys and probably get my ass kicked, but that’s okay. 

“Grit, legacy. My usos I love you. I’m so proud of you. We are all so proud of you. Take that field, make history, and win,” he says before letting out a ‘cha hoo’ for the ages. 

Gummon Samoa, bring that trophy home. Samoa takes on Australia in the final at 5 am on Sunday.