Dwayne Johnson visits shop he stole from as a kid to 'right the wrong' and buy all the Snickers

Dwayne Johnson visits shop he stole from as a kid to 'right the wrong' and buy all the Snickers

Surelyyy come to NZ and do this cuzzy.

Dwayne Johnson used to shoplift from a 7-11 when he was just a young boy but now, 25 years later, he’s given back to that same store. 

The 50-year-old Hollywood superstar posted to his Instagram saying:

“I used to steal a king-sized Snickers EVERY DAY from 7-11 for almost a year when I was 14yrs old… the Snickers was my pre-daily workout.”

A video he shared alongside that caption shows him returning to the scene of the candy crimes to “exorcise this damn chocolate demon” that’s been eating away at him for decades. 

“Where’s the Snickers?” he asks the clerk, who directs him to the chocolates. The Rock then grabs literally every Snickers on the shelf, takes them back to the clerk, and buys all of them. 

Dwayne, the former WWE icon and man of the people, also decided to shout all the other 7-11 customers that were in the store with him, saying it was the “least I could do considering all the shit I used to steal from here”. Catch me making another trip around the store if someone’s upfront paying for my order. 

He did leave the Snickers at the front counter for people to snag as well as giving a tip to the employees.

The Rock also shared some words of wisdom with his 350 million Instagram followers. 

“We can’t change the past and some of the dumb stuff we may have done,” he wrote at the end of the caption, “but every once in a while we can add a little redeeming grace note to that situation — and maybe put a big smile on some stranger’s faces.” 

Good on everyone's favourite cousin for giving back to his community - he did live in Auckland for a bit so surely come back and shout us a feed Dwayne.