Drake & 21 Savage fake interviews, a Vogue shoot,  and a Tiny Desk gig and it’s crack up

Drake & 21 Savage fake interviews, a Vogue shoot, and a Tiny Desk gig and it’s crack up

Drake’s acting history really coming in handy these days.

To promote their upcoming collaboration album ‘Her Loss’, Drake and 21 Savage have parodied traditional album rollouts, and the results are crack up.

Earlier today they released the clips on Drake’s and the OVO Sound (Drake’s record label) social media accounts, with many commenters seeming to believe the interviews and shoots are real.

The Howard Stern interview is by far the wildest and funniest fake promo clip they have released. In it, they talk about 21 Savage’s British heritage -which was internet-breaking news when it broke a couple of years ago - Drake’s porn-watching and dating habits, and 21 Savage’s love of books. 

They’ve got some quality quotes in there, such as: “Sorcerer’s stone motherf*cker,” said by 21 when talking about his love for the Harry Potter books; and when Drake says to 21 “A lot of people are like, ‘Yo, you’re the pride of London”.

Watch the full ‘interview’ below:

The two also sat down on what looks like a replica of NPR’s famous ‘Tiny Desk Concert’ set. Drake gets his Usher on during this clip, introducing his and 21’s performance in a silky, smooth, relaxed voice. 

21 Savage also partakes in a fake edition of Vogue’s ‘In The Bag’, where they get celebrities to show them all the items they carry around in their bags. 21 just so happened to be carrying organic mangos, a dreidel, the ‘Charlotte’s Web’ book, mint tea, another bag - “can never have too much bag” - a Janet Jackson CD, face spray with a rag and some more tea.

He and Drake also released a Vogue cover they posed for, more than likely in reference to the lyrics “Don’t tell me you a model unless you been in Vogue” from their collab song ‘Jimmy Crooks’. 

Check those out below:

‘Her Loss’ is set to come out on Friday US time, so we’ll get it this weekend. Check out the cover art for the album below.