WATCH: Toa Samoa squad share the correct pronunciation of their names

WATCH: Toa Samoa squad share correct the pronunciation of their names

Say it right.
18 October 2022 4:27PM

With the Rugby League World Cup kicking off earlier this week, the Samoan side - Toa Samoa - have shared a video of their players offering up the correct pronunciation of their names.

Recent times have seen a big emphasis on correcting the pronunciation of players names during commentary, which was also poked fun at by players, as they share some of the worst interpretations they've heard before finally giving the correct answer.

Some of the standout mistakes include Junior Bowlow (Junior Paulo), Jarome Louie (Jarome Luai), Reece Walsh (Chanel Harris-Tavita) and of course Oshay Olay (Josh Aloiai) - an instantly famous slip-up from ARL Chairman Peter V'Landys during last season's Dally M Awards ceremony.

Check out the video below and learn the correct pronunciations from your favourite players!

A similar video was shared by The Coconet TV a few years ago, with some of the NRL's prominent Pacific Island players offering their correct pronunciations in an effort to help those who couldn't quite get it.

You can check that video out below.

If you're more of a rugby union fan, Super Rugby did a similar video during their Culture Round - watch it here.