These guys in Christchurch walked over 40kms to get pies from 10 Coupland's bakeries

These guys in Christchurch walked over 40kms to get pies from 10 Coupland's bakeries

Now that's comittment.

Everyone loves a classic Aotearoa pie, but these guys took their love to the next level by walking over 40kms to get a pie from every Coupland's Bakery in Christchurch.

On Saturday, one of them (u/biz_byron87) posted the planned route to the New Zealand subreddit under the title ‘The fellowship of the pies. Tomorrow some workmates and I will walk to all Coupland’s Bakeries in Christchurch’.

In the description of the post, he writes that they planned to call it “the Couplands Crusade” and that it’s a “follow up of a health and mental awareness challenge” that started at their job last month. 

Pies, exercise, and mental health awareness, not a bad way to spend a weekend. 

The next day Biz posted a follow-up complete with photos of the fellas at each stop as well as their time and route. It took them just under 8 hours to travel the 43.36kms, smashing back 6 pies, a sausage roll, a donut, and a raspberry slice in the process. 

That’s about the same distance as a marathon, and I’ve never run one but I’m pretty sure no one eats pies to help them out during a long run like that. A truly impressive feat, especially for a Sunday.  

Biz said the idea for the “adventure” came at the lunch table at work and they thought it would just be one of those ideas that never come to fruition. They thought right up until the walk started, but he’s stoked it did happen, even if he and the boys are feeling it now. 

“From what started as a joke around the smoko table to when we started the walk and we realised no one actually wanted to do it and just figured it would never happen,” he wrote in the caption of the follow-up post. 

“Was a great adventure. We are all quite sore as a result. Thanks for all the encouragement. Big thanks to Coupland for the support.”

Heroic stuff fellas, pat yourself on the back and enjoy a nice sit-down.