Balenciaga is selling a potato chip handbag that costs $3,200

Balenciaga is selling a potato chip handbag that costs $3,200

When you forget your lunchbox...

Balenciaga has unveiled yet another item that makes me question whether it’s just some kind of social experiment - this time selling a handbag in the style of a bag of Lays potato chips for over NZ$3,000. 

First shown to the world at Paris Fashion Week in late September of this year, the bags kind of flew under the radar. Probably because the models displaying them were grabbing the bags right in the middle, making them all crunched up and hard to notice (and no one's first guess is going to be a Lay’s potato chip bag). 

A couple of days after the show the creative director at Balenciaga, Demna Gvasalia, posted some close-up pics of the product on his Instagram. They’re identical to normal Lays bags, apart from ‘Balenciaga Paris’ being written where the flavour should be; the zipper at the top; the size; and the fact that they are made out of leather - even the inside of the bag looks identical to the actual Lay’s packaging. 

Hypebeast reports that the Lay’s x Balenciaga collaboration bag is priced at US$1,800, which comes to NZ$3,195. A bag of actual Lay’s chips normally costs US$4 (NZ$7).

Some people online have pointed out that another outlet that will sell just about anything, AliExpress, were on the Lay’s bag wave far before Balenciaga hopped on it, and for much cheaper. 

For under NZ$4 you can buy a ‘Funny Potato Chops Crossbody Handbag’ from AliExpress in either yellow or green.

Lay's bag on AliExpress

Honestly, you’re probably better of just buying a bag of Lay’s from somewhere and just walking around with it, not only can you be seen as a fashion icon but you also get chips to munch on, and you’ll save on shipping. 

Or, you could start the next wave and walk around with your favourite classic Aotearoa potato chip flavour. Catch me with my Kiwi Onion ‘handbag’ this summer.