We got the inside scoop on the Lion King prequel 'Mufasa' and it's going to be EPIC

We got the inside scoop on the Lion King prequel 'Mufasa' and it's going to be EPIC

The King's rise to royalty is completely unexpected!

One of the most iconic Disney films to exist is getting a live-action prequel, and Hakuna-my-God-damn-Tata it looks amazing. 

Disney formally announced the title of 'Mufasa: The Lion King' at the D23 Expo 2022, which, humble brag, I was invited to attend to rep the Mai whānau. 

As well as hearing about the film from the flick's director, Barry Jenkins (who directed the Oscar-winning flick 'Moonlight'), we got to see an exclusive teaser of the movie and the chills I got was unreal. 

The origin story of the original King of Pride Rock explores his childhood growing up with his evil bro Scar, who - fun fact - was originally named Taka, because who names their cub Scar just for fun? 

Of course, old mate Rafiki takes us on the journey, telling the tale of Mufasa to some young lion cubs. 

"In this place, a lion was born without a drop of nobility in his blood,” Rafiki narrates. “The lion who would change our lives forever.”

Here's the inside scoop whānau, Mufasa was not born into his royalty - in fact, he was an orphan. Does this not make his rise to the king even more epic? 


Director Barry Jenkins told us that the story is told "over two time frames" and explained that he was so keen to make the film because he watched the videotape of the original 1994 'Lion King' "about 97 times" and honestly? Same. 

Also, if you were worried, Timon and Pumba do feature - although it almost seemed like they weren't going to. 

“Wait wait wait, am I not in this story?" Timon says after the final title frame. "I don’t feel seen.”

'Mufasa' is due to hit cinemas in 2024.