Turns out Tana Umaga is pretty mean at Jiu Jitsu - he just won a silver medal at a Worlds comp

Turns out Tana Umaga is pretty mean at Jiu Jitsu - he just won a silver medal at a Worlds comp

Wouldn't want to go toe-to-toe with Tana, even if he's nearing 50.
22 September 2022 3:43PM

Tana Umaga's legacy keeps growing with the All-Black legend taking silver place at the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu World Masters earlier this month.  

Tana has a brown belt in the martial art and went undefeated up until the final, where he lost to American Scott Giller - not a bad effort from the 49-year-old. The competition he fought in has a minimum age of 30, so he still would’ve been one of the older fighters in the comp. 

I don’t know about you guys but even when he’s nearing fifty I wouldn’t want to go toe-to-toe with Tana. 

The former All-Black captain took to his Instagram when the tournament concluded, posting some photos of his Jiu-Jitsu team while they were in Las Vegas for the tournament. 

“The team’s splitting up and it’s our last day in Vegas,” Tana wrote in the caption. “Made some great memories and ticked some things off the bucket list… been a blast and a lot of laughs that got me through the tears!!”

The International Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Federation posted a pic of Tana all smiles on their Instagram, which Tana reposted himself. 

“All Black rugby legend Tana Umaga having a great time at the Worlds Masters 2022,” the caption reads. “Umaga took silver in the master 4 brown super heavyweight division.”

The Wellington-born rugby star has been busy this month. It was announced at the beginning of the month that he would be returning to a coaching role with the Blues, and earlier this week he was hanging out with Jason Momoa of all people. 

Momoa said he was 'star-struck' and called Umaga his ‘idol’ after the two snapped some pics together before grabbing some kai. 

Good to see Tana is still staying healthy and competing. He’s an Aoteroa legend and we shouldn't forget it, because he might put us in a chokehold if we do.