Parris Goebel wins Emmy for Fenty show, overcame 'excruciating' injury to choreograph it

Parris Goebel wins Emmy for Fenty show, overcame 'excruciating' injury to choreograph it

“This moment meant more to me than anyone could imagine.”

Parris Goebel is overwhelmed with emotion after winning an Emmy for best choreography revealing the “excruciating pain and tears” that went into producing her masterpiece performance!

The Primetime Emmys show isn't until Sept 12, but trophies have already been awarded for the Creative Arts, and that includes our gal, Parris.

Winning the category for Outstanding Choreography for Variety or Reality Programming with her choreo for the Savage X Fenty Show Vol. 3 opening routine, the famed NZ dancer and choreographer announced the news in an Instagram post.

Describing the wave of emotion she felt after the epic win Parris said: “This moment meant more to me than anyone could imagine.”

She went on to explain the struggle she faced when creating the iconic show. 

Parris claimed that "a week into making this show, I was in a horrific car accident," but she "went straight back into rehearsal the next day," despite the fact that she "could barely move."

“Whilst trying to dance and create I was in excruciating pain, holding back tears as I moved, but nothing was going to stop me from finishing the show.”

She didn’t only finish the show, she created a masterpiece viewed by thousands of people all over the world and now has a g-damn Emmy!

Recalling the moment she won Parris said: “As I left the stage I burst into tears as I remembered how hard I worked and how much physical and emotional pain I had to push past to complete the show’s choreography.”

“As you climb the mountain of your dreams, you will be greatly challenged…but your passion, strength and LOVE for what you do will override anything standing in your way.”

She added: “I am so honoured and I will continue to dedicate my life to this art form for as long as I live.”

Parris finished the post with a few thanks to those who helped her along the way. Most importantly she thanks Rihanna for always “trusting and believing” in her abilities. She also paid honourable minions to fellow choreographer, Diana Matos, and Kiwi dancers/ choreographers Cullen Neale and Elvis Lopete.

This is an AWESOME achievement for not only Parris but those of us who have been watching and supporting along the way.