Chris Rock says Jada Pinkett Smith joke was 'nicest he's ever told', slams Will Smith's apology

Chris Rock says Jada Pinkett Smith joke was 'nicest he's ever told', slams Will Smith's apology

“Will did an impression of a perfect man for 30 years.”

Chris Rock defends himself over the controversial Will Smith 2022 Oscars slap over a "bulls**t joke," which was seen and heard all around the world.

On Friday night, during his and Dave Chappelle's co-headlining European tour at Liverpool's M&S Bank Arena, Chris apparently spoke out about the intensity of the slap in comparison to the joke.

“Did that s**t hurt? Goddam right… the motherf***er hit me over a bulls**t joke, the nicest joke I ever told!"

Dave Chapelle also chimed with a kicking comment about the actor saying, “Will did an impression of a perfect man for 30 years. I hope he doesn’t put that mask back on.”

This isn’t the first time Chris has mentioned the slap since the incident, but he has never actually addressed the G.I. Jane joke that he made on the awards night. Though he clearly believes it was harmless, which explains why he wasn’t expecting Will to jump on stage the way he did.

Will Smith completely lost his shit at Chris Rock after the joke that poked fun at the actor's wife Jada Pinkett-Smith’s bald head due to her battle with alopecia.

He stormed on stage and slapped the comedian before screaming at him from the audience. 

Much like the rest of us, Chris was gobsmacked that the moment was as serious as it was.

Will has since released an apology video in response to the moment and his punishment of being banned from attending any Oscars ceremonies, both virtually and in person, for 10 years.

He said: "My actions at the 94th Academy Awards presentation were shocking, painful, and inexcusable. The list of those I have hurt is long and includes Chris, his family, many of my dear friends and loved ones, all those in attendance, and global audiences at home. I betrayed the trust of the Academy."

In response to the Youtube video posted in July, Chris clearly isn’t happy with Will’s viral attempt as he also directly responded by saying “f*ck your hostage video,” during his latest show with Chapelle.

 It’s clear the moment hasn’t passed and there is still a lot of tension between the two, but can you blame him for holding a grudge?

Let’s just hope that this whole situation doesn’t get even messier than it already has. Yikes!