'We are proud': TVNZ claps back at racists who can't handle Te Reo in the weather report

'We are proud': TVNZ claps back at racists who can't handle Te Reo in the weather report

People have called the use of te reo "nauseating", "appalling", and a "disgrace".

A news presenter dropping a bit of te reo Māori during the evening weather report has led to some people letting their racist views be known to everyone. 

The presenter, Te Rauhiringa Brown, used both Te Reo and English during her recent broadcast, for things like city names - Tamaki Makaurau for Auckland and the names for the North and South islands - Te Ika-a-Māui, and Te Waipounamu, respectively.

Loads of people responded positively or just straight up were not bothered either way about it.

However, there was a fair amount of people who took to TVNZ’s Facebook page to voice their disapproval of the use of Aotearoa's native language. 

“I am listening to the weather forecast,” said Warwick. “I have little idea of what the presenter is saying!”

“Part in what I assume is Māori the balance in English,” he continued unclearly (just to be clear, this is literally what he wrote down, no typo from us). “What a disgrace!!!”

“This is New Zealand NOT Rarotonga”. 

What are you on about Warwick?

One, you need to learn how the English language works before you can complain about other languages, and two, what does Rarotonga have to do with anything?

Trent was also mad about the report. 

“Once again we felt nauseated by the appalling delivery of the weather report this evening,” he said. 

“Could not understand most of what the presenter was saying. This is not acceptable,” he continued, acting like the shot-caller. 

“You are broadcasting on a New Zealand European TV channel. Sort yourselves out and listen to the viewer feedback." 

Listen Trent mate, if some Te Reo words make you feel ‘nauseated’, maybe you’ve got some soul-searching and hardening up to do.

There were more comments that sound similar, but we can’t be bothered writing them out because they’re pretty much the same, and have spelling mistakes. 

A spokesperson for TVNZ responded to the racist complaints, telling the NZ Herald:

"We welcome feedback from our viewers and our Facebook pages are moderated appropriately,” they said.

"We are proud of our presenters and how they embrace New Zealand's unique cultural identity."

"Our presenters and journalists are welcome to use a combination of English and te reo Māori where appropriate," they finished. 

Good on TVNZ for shifting Te Reo into the mainstream, and if you don’t like it, come on bro - it's been here longer than English has.