Steven Adams' unreal full-court pass lands him at #1 in NBA’s Top 50 Assists list

Steven Adams' unreal full-court pass lands him at #1 in NBA’s Top 50 Assists list

Not bad from the toughest guy in the NBA.

Our very best basketball player Steven Adams has come in the top spot for the NBA’s best assists of the 2021 - 2022 season.

More commonly known for doing the dirty work on the basketball court- rebounding, screens, or literally picking up other players - Adams’ passing is an underrated part of his game.

This unreal fullcourt pass to his star point guard Ja Morant that came in at #1 shows just how good his passing ability is.

Steve’s dime also came in at number one on the best plays of the season, beating out massive dunks, brutal blocks, clutch shots, and any other play that happened in the 1230 games in the NBA season

The play is a perfect combination of an incredible pass, outrageous athleticism, impressive shotmaking, and the half-time buzzer going off to add to the spectacle - truly deserving of the title of the best play of the season.

Another full-court assist came in at number two on the assist list. Atlanta Hawks guard/forward Bogdan Bogdanovic flung the ball 94ft (almost 29 metres) to his star point guard Trae Young, in a very similar play to Steve’s - Steve is just the man though so that’s why he came first. 

Number three on the assist list came from Facundo Campazzo, an Argentinean point guard for the Denver Nuggets.

He first smoothly dribbled behind his back to lose his defender, then went behind the back again, this time passing it to Aaron Gordon, who finished the play with a reverse layup.

The next NBA season kicks off on the 19th of October, and Steven Adam’s Grizzlies are set to be one of the best teams in the league. Last year they lost in the second round of the playoffs to the eventual champions Golden State Warriors after a tough-fought series.

ESPN has Memphis ranked as the fourth-best team in the league heading into next season, and many people expect them to be one of the toughest teams in the NBA, especially with our guy Steve holding down the paint.