'Dream come true': Diddy and Dr Dre hit the studio together for the first time

'Dream come true': Diddy and Dr Dre hit the studio together for the first time

Two absolute legends making music together.

Two absolute giants of hip hop, P. Diddy and Dr Dre, were in the studio together for the first time yesterday. 

Diddy, real name Sean Combs, shared some pics of the two making beats and tunes on his Instagram. The caption talks of how Dre has always inspired Diddy, and that the legendary producer made him push himself to higher heights. 

“Yesterday, one of my biggest dreams finally came true,” Combs wrote. “I remember the first time I heard @DrDre’s production. It gave me clear direction on the level that I wanted to be.”

“Last night, I got the chance to work with this man and to see his genius as he coached me through vocals. He reminded me of myself, but with a different style and way more focused. I for step my focus up!”

“But it was a great experience and I thank God for it. I hope one day y’all get to have the same experience with someone that you always looked up to as a hero. LOVE 🖤🙏🏿💫⚡️✨”

TMZ reports that the track the two legends are working on will appear on Dr Dre’s album with Snoop Dogg. We don’t know when that album will drop, but we’re looking forward to it. 

Kanye West was also spotted in the studio with Dre so he’ll most likely be on the album as either a producer, vocalist, or both. Conway the Machine, another rapper, posted a photo to his Instagram where Kanye can be seen standing next to Dre. 

The album does look like it will be star-studded, but where it will drop is unknown. Earlier this year, Death Row Records - co-founded by Dre and bought by Snoop Dogg in February - pulled a lot of the record labels’ albums off of streaming services - which includes classics like ‘The Chronic’ and ‘Doggystyle’. 

It’s unclear whether Death Row will return to streaming services, though TMZ did briefly mention that Snoop plans to bring the record label back to streaming services within a month.