The Game is reportedly putting together an Eminem diss-track according to Wack 100

Headlines 05/04/2022

Nearly a month since he declared that Eminem was "not better than him", the Game is looking to really prove it with a forthcoming diss-track aimed at the Detroit rapper.

Game's manager Wack 100 spilled the news of the diss-track while hosting a Clubhouse session, saying the Compton native is ready to "start a fire" a claiming that Game's next release will throw some serious shots at Eminem.

“We startin’ a fire, the Black Slim Shady is coming,” Wack said in the clip above. “That n***a better be ready, because this n***a done went crazy.”

While Wack did allude to it all being friendly competition and not a serious beef, he believes that that a Game and Em match-up would be “disrespectful,” given Em’s history rapping about his own mother. 

“He disrespect his own mama, my n***a, shit. He disrespect himself… This n***a talk about killing his baby mama, putting her in the trunk,” Wack said. “… When you get in that arena with that n***a, ain’t no boundaries with this n***a, man. He ain’t got no boundaries with himself.”

Wack added that both Em and Game are “crafty,” but Shady “better be ready” for what’s to come.

Given that Eminem responded to Machine Gun Kelly's attempts at a diss nearly 4 years ago, we can imagine he'll be ready to respond to Game when the time comes.