Six of Auckland's regional parks to be given Māori names

Headlines 06/12/2021

Auckland Council has partnered up with local iwi to give six of its regional parks Māori names as part of its Te Kete Rukuruku programme.

Five of the parks will have a Māori name added to the current English name, creating a dual Māori and English name. Whereas Ōmana Regional Park will have its full and appropriate name confirmed and restored through the programme, as opposed to the current abbreviated version.

Mayor Phil Goff says its the council’s vision that “te reo Māori is seen, heard, learned and spoken in everyday life”.

“We also want to help Aucklanders be knowledgeable and proud of the Māori identity and history of our city.”

The names will potentially reflect either the local Māori history relating to the area, a cultural activity connected to the site or an important landscape feature. Or, an original ancestral name may be returned.

Auckland Council Māori Outcomes Manager Anahera Higgins says Te Kete Rukuruku is led by mana whenua in partnership with Auckland Council and its local boards.

“It has been a great outcome to have names and narratives returned to the areas across Auckland over the past year. There are many wonderful stories that a lot of locals may have not known about in their area."

Source credit: One News