New eight-part doco-series takes a deeper look into the life of Scribe

Headlines 24/11/2021

The early 2000's is commonly referred to as the golden era of hip-hop in Aotearoa, it saw a wave of fresh talent and new ideas explode into mainstream consciousness. There were many artists who found success in this era, but Scribe stood apart from the rest, he was the leader at the front of the pack.

Scribe's success was always well documented, shooting to fame with the release of his iconic debut album The Crusader. But a new documentary series is looking to explore the Kiwi rapper's life much more intimately than ever before.

From his childhood, fame, drugs, domestic violence, rehab and now being back in the studio, Scribe: Return of the Crusader takes a look back at the life of an Aotearoa hip-hop legend.

The series takes a look at some of the darker, more traumatic moments in the rappers life, which Scribe hopes will help other people process their own trauma.

“Because of my fame, I experienced my meth addiction in a very public way, but during rehab, I learned a huge amount about why I acted in so many self-destructive ways. That’s why I made this documentary. I wanted to help other people understand their own trauma, by sharing mine as honestly as I could.”

Oscar Kightley, who also happens to be Scribe's cousin, features in the series. Celebrating the fact that his own cousin was the first local solo artist to chart with the number one album and number one single at the same time.

The series also features appearances from some of Scribe's contemporaries, industry friends and artists who found inspiration in his work.

Dallas Tamaira from Fat Freddy’s Drop talks about Scribe's burning passion for music. Producer P-Money testifies to his magnetism on stage. MC Shan eulogises his superior wordplay. Current hip-hop stars Church, Kings, 10A and Melodownz all pay tribute to Scribe’s role as a pioneer in the genre, kicking open a door for others to come through.

Speaking to Stuff, Scribe says: “If you look at my career, you know, there’s a great start, then a horrible middle, but how it ends is up to me. And I think I’ve kind of taken the power back recently,” he says.

“A lot of healing has taken place in my family and that’s awesome, but I wish it hadn’t taken me so long to figure some of this stuff out. Just like my dad, I lost a lot of years to pain, resentment and self-pity, and hurt a lot of people I love along the way. Making this documentary was part of the healing process, and the album I’m making is, too. I really don’t know what’s going to happen after that. I live my life one day at a time now because I am in recovery. One day at a time is manageable. Just one day, and then the next.”

Scribe: Return of The Crusader will be available on TVNZ OnDemand from November 26, check the trailer out up top.