It turns out A$AP Rocky's Met Gala outfit was just a quilt knitted by someone's nana

Headlines 27/09/2021

We all made the same joke when we saw, but it turns out that A$AP Rocky's infamous Met Gala 2021 outfit was actually what all thought it was: a quilt knitted by someone's nana.

The discovery was made when a woman spotted the familiar looking quilt at the Met Gala, taking to social media to share the heart warming origin behind the statement piece.

“My great grandmothers quilt was donated to an antique/thrift store a while back,” Sarah writes in the post. “​​When I saw the Met Gala photo I realized instantly that it had to be the same quilt. I read the Vogue article about the designer finding the quilt in Southern California and with his office not that far from us in Venice California, I demanded that my mom go look for the photos of it on our old bed.”

Posting a side-by-side comparison of the quilt worn by A$AP Rocky, and the same quilt draped over their bed (three guesses who wore it better), she adds: “Looks like great grandma Mary went to the Met Gala with A$AP Rocky and ERL.”

Fortunately the woman was on board with the quilt featuring as one of this year's most talked about items on the red carpet.

“I found it amazing that some thing that my great grandmother made out of love for my mother to be used to keep her warm, and was donated so that it might keep somebody else warm or sold to raise funds for a lovely charity, ended up being used for an amazing statement art piece by amazingly talented people who took it to the next level.”

It just goes to show, no matter how cool you think you are, your still not as cool as you nana.