WATCH: Ruby Tui's hilarious reaction to Snoop Dogg watching the Black Ferns Sevens' haka

Headlines 16/08/2021

Black Ferns Sevens star Ruby Tui had herself a super successful Olympic Games, not only for winning a Gold Medal but by becoming a social media star in the process!

Her latest online hit is her hilariously fan-girlish reaction to a video of Snoop Dogg and Kevin Hart watching our Sevens girl perform a post-match haka.

The video comes from an NBC Sport's show called Olympic Highlights that features Kevin and Snoop offering their unique take on highlight moments from Tokyo 2020.

"This is powerful," Hart said.

"This ritual is hundreds and hundreds of years old too, it's not something they just made up,” Snoop Dogg adds.

Meanwhile, Tui can’t believe what she is watching.

"What ... I will never get over this.

"Snoop Dogg watched us,” Tui said as she filmed herself watching the episode.

"Let's go ... look at him, look at him, what the?”

Check the video out below: