WATCH: Tomorrow People Premiere their new single!

listen 07/05/2021

After 10 years of writing original reggae music, two albums and two EP’s, Tomorrow People are changing codes, switching lanes, and doing a cover! The Wellington band has reinterpreted the 1964 hit ‘Don’t Worry Baby’ in a pop style so far left from reggae, that their core fans will either like it or love it!

The original Beach Boys classic hit #1 in the US and is featured on countless movie soundtracks. Band producer Avina Kelekolio was watching one of these movies during a lazy Sunday afternoon, and when he heard the song he rushed to the studio to ‘have a jam’. 

“It was one of those songs I loved listening to growing up, it had a feel good nature, and their harmonies were on point” says Kelekolio. 

What began as a piano jam turned into a full production where the band decided to record whatever felt right, even if it wasn’t the reggae style they were most known for. 

It was a conscious decision where we let the music dictate the direction, and if our audience like it, they like it,” says band leader Tana Tupai.

The single marks the fifth release of the year for the band that has set out to drop one song on the first Friday of every month. In an effort to “go big or go home”, they hired LA-based engineer IRKO (David Guetta, Kanye West, Jennifer Lopez, Jay-Z, Pitbull) to mix and master the song, and engaged super director Shae Stirling to shoot two music videos that will be released in sequence. 

“It’s a fun video that suits the style of the song, and we even got to sneak some of our kids in there” says Tupai. 

When asked why a reggae band is doing a pop cover of a classic song, the bands reply was simple “Why not?”