Snoop Dogg would be a pastor if he wasn't a rapper

Headlines 14/04/2021

Snoop Dogg and Martha Stewart went onto The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon this week and the best friend challenge where they were asked a question and had to guess what the other person had said.

They discussed what alcoholic drink Martha Stewart would be and Snoop Dogg’s favourite thing to cook which he rightly said was chicken wings. 

One of the biggest surprises was when Snoop was asked what he would be doing if he didn’t pursue music. Martha wrongly guessed that he would’ve pursued basketball or been a coach. To everyone’s surprise, Snoop said that he’d be a pastor.

“I knew that he was changing, Jimmy. I noticed but I didn’t know he was going that far.” Martha said to Jimmy Fallon. The host replied,

You know what they say, glory to God in the highest.

Snoop Dogg has actually dabbled in religion several times in his life and has been involved in Islam, Rastafarianism and most recently Christianity. In 2018 he became a born-again Christian.

Snoop has rebranded himself several times Snoop Doggy Dog, The Dogfather, Snoop Lion and Coach Snoop but maybe his next name will be Pastor Snoop. Who wouldn’t love to see a sermon from Snoop Dogg himself?

Want to see Snoop Dogg and Martha Stewart take on the best friend challenge? You can watch the full video below.