Instagram launches 'Reels' in New Zealand

Headlines 06/08/2020

Insta has launched their own take on the ever-so-popular Tik Tok app called 'Reels'.

The new platform allows users to create videos using multiple clips and adding original audio or music from a provided library.

Insta says their inspiration comes from their "creators and community", explaining that most videos posted on the main feed are under 15 seconds.

With Tik Tok facing a number of security concerns over the last few months, Instagram has included safety and privacy features that will be in-built to Reels.

Photo credit: Supplied.

Here's how you can access and start using Instagram Reels:

  1. Select Reels at the bottom of the Instagram camera. You'll see the creative editing tools on the left side of your screen. Reels can be recorded in a series of clips (one at a time), all at once, or using video uploads from your gallery.
  2. Record the first clip by pressing and holding the capture button. You'll see a progress indicator at the top of the screen as you record. Stop recording to end each clip.
  3. Once your reel is ready, choose the share button, where you can change the cover image, add a caption, hashtags, and tag your friends. You can also save a draft of your reel if you want to pause and come back to it.
  4. After you share your reel, you can then find it on a separate Reels tab on your profile, where people can find the reels you've shared. You'll be able to see likes and comments, and how many times your reel has been played.
  5. Whether you have a public or private account, you can share your reel to your Instagram Story, close friends, or in a direct message. If you opt to do so, your reel will behave like a regular Story - it will not be shared to Reels in explore, will not appear on your profile, and will disappear after 24 hours.