WATCH: Nickson, Nate and Jordan catch up for the first time since Nate left on the "Run It Straight" podcast

Headlines 25/05/2020

Ever since our uso Nate left earlier this year, our comment sections have been filled with the question "Where's Nate?" And now, on his brand new podcast "Run It Straight with Nate Nauer," Nate catched up with Nickson and Jordan to answer that question.

16 years in radio together means that there is a lifetime of yarns to reminisce on and pick apart, which is exaclty what the boys do. They touch on everything from starting together, to Jordan's past beef with Nickson and Nate, to the future of radio in Aotearoa, and the role that we as a station have to undertake for our people.

In classic Nate fashion, he makes sure to put both Jordan and Nickson in the hotseat with some difficult questions, like when he grills Jordan on his past as a Cleo Bachelor of the year candidate, but ultimately the boys just had a good catch up.

Much love to our brothers Nickson, Jordan and Nate, for putting on an epic first show. Make sure to catch the full video up top, and make sure to subscribe to our uso Nate's brand new podcast 'Run It Straight' right HERE.