Kiwi baker 'Bake-Ari' shares recipe to perfectly recreate iconic 'Dessertalicious' ice cream

Headlines 21/04/2020

Yesterday we dropped a meme jokingly asking our amazing audience to get out there and recreate a recipe for Tip Top's iconic ice cream 'Dessertalicious.' The ice cream was popular during the 2000's but was discontinued many many years ago, and has since gained a cult like following of eager fans hoping to one day get it back.

And now, only a matter of hours after we posted, legendary Christchurch baker 'Bake-Ari' has answered our call by using her talents to perfectly recreate a recipe for the once lost ice cream.

She took to Facebook to post up about her recipe, even giving yours truly a little shout out in her caption.

"Scrolling through Facebook today a post popped up on my timeline from Mai FM reminding me of this ABSOLUTE CLASSIC Dessert Ice Cream from Tip Top Ice Cream... Soooo you know I had to make it..." she wrote.

She admitted that the recreation was exactly the biggest test of her talents, as all the necessary components are written on the tub...

"To be quite honest, it’s the easiest thing to make because the lid says what’s inside...Soft Sponge - For the Base... Creamy Ice Cream - For the Centre...Rich Mousse - For the Top."

So all you really need to do is layer this all in a spare Ice Cream Container.

This isn't the first time Ari has caught our attention with her baking antics, way back in 2017 we posted up a story about some of her other insane creations.

Peep the recipe down below and make sure to head over Ari's Facebook and Instagram pages and show her some love, she's doing the lords work!